Want YOUR Own AVN Award to Take Home?

Awards are 100% REAL - Not an Imitation!

These gorgeous awards aren’t “knock offs”, they’re exactly the same awards handed out at the official AVN Awards Banquette.

Made one at a time and hand poured, they are beautiful, masterfully crafted works of art. Anyone can be proud to add this elegant statue to their home decor.

(After all, only people who already KNOW what the AVN’s are would recognize it!)

Fully Customized Base!

All Awards can be customized with your name engraved on the front – just like the real AVN winners!

Makes a Perfect Gift For:

  • Yourself
  • Wife / Husband
  • Couple
  • Wedding
  • Breakups
  • Boy / Girlfriend
  • Lover
  • Boss

Made in the USA